Shulov institute for Science is an advanced clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on development of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) for therapeutic uses in dermatology as anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. The NCE’s are short synthetic peptides branded as ZEP-3 and ZEP-4, and both molecules possess unique biological activity and potent therapeutic use for a wide range of clinical indications.

SIS recently completed a Phase II clinical study in Herpes Labialis (Cold sores) with highly encouraging results in all end-points, mainly time to healing and time to relief and decrease in Pain Intensity.

In parallel, the company is planning a Phase II clinical study in Atopic Dermatitis (AD).

The AD treatments available today mainly use steroid drugs which often involve the risk of side effects. The Company’s ZEP-3 is not based on steroids, thus giving the Company a clear and unique advantage over other competitors in this indication.

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