Who we are?

S.I.S Shulov Innovative Science Ltd. was founded by
the late Prof. Aharon Shulov and Mr. Aviv Marx

Prof. Aharon Shulov (1907-1997)
Dept. of Zoology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Founder and General Manager of The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo for over 40 years. Proposed a research program to identify the analgesic components of snake venom

Mr. Aviv Marx President and CEO
Entrepreneur and family friend provides funding.

Scientific Board

Dr. Naftali Primor VP of R&D Dr. Primor is a world renowned expert in the toxicology and chemistry of snake venoms. He has featured in the National Geographic Film entitled "Snakes in The Holy Land", and is constantly sought for his expertise and skills in the handling and toxicology of venomous reptiles and scorpions.

Dr. Avigdor Levanon Executive VP of Business Development
Formerly VP, Research at BioTechnology General (Israel) Ltd.(BTG), Chairman of the Board at Target-In Ltd. and Director at the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Ltd. with over 31 years in the biotech industry.

Prof. Israel Steiner (M.D.) Board Member
Head of Dep. of Neurology, Beilinson Hospital Petach Tikva, Israel. Head of Neurology Sciences Unit, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem and a world expert in molecular basis of HSV1 latency and HSV1 infectivity.

Prof. Elka Touito Board Member
Dep. of Pharmacy, the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem. Head of Innovative Dermal, Trasdermal and Transmucosal Delivery Group and a world expert in enhancement of dermal drug delivery for systemic action.

Prof. Amos Panet Board Member
Dep. of Biochemistry and the Chanock Center for Virology IMRIC, the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem. Prof. Emeritus of Cancer Research, Virus replication and viral diseases, a world expert in HSV1 molecular biology.

Prof. Yechiel Shai Board Member
Dep. of Biological Chemistry, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel World expert in protein-membrane interaction and protein-protein recognition within the cell membrane