Current status of SIS's products

S.I.S has conducted a large variety of pre-clinical studies in accordance with the requirements of the health regulatory authorities and in order to support the development processes of Zep-3 and Zep-4 cream as a product and to establish its safety and efficacy. S.I.S has completed all essential toxicology and safety studies required for the submission of a file for Phase I Clinical Study. Zep-3:, Zep -3 is in Phase I clinical study (at the Dep. of Dermatology, Shiba Hospital, Israel). After concluding the study (Q2, 2013) we will initiate a Phase II study for HSV1 Cold Sores indication and a Phase II study for the Genital Herpes indication. In relation to HSV1 infection, Zep -3 is a fast acting drug, which causes an immediate relief from pain and itching within less than 5 minutes and prevents lesion formation within 36 hours. Furthermore, it seems to have no adverse side-effects.