Novel non-toxic short peptide has been isolated from snake venom based on its highly potent in-vivo analgesic activity upon topical application. Based on the above novel molecule a whole family of related compounds has been identified in various snake venoms. One of the naturally occurring peptides (coded Zep-4) and its chemically modified version coded Zep-3, were chemically synthesized in gram quantities. These peptides were formulated as a cream and assessed for their analgesic and anti-viral activities and for the treating of psoriasis symptoms upon topical application on the skin. The anti HSV1 activity of Zep-3 is determined by measuring plaque forming unit, using tissue culture vero cells in vitro. The results depicted below are representative of one out of six repeated experiments using two different batches of Zep - 3 Infected HSV1 treated with Zep-3 (4mg/ml or 8mg/ml) Infected HSV1 treated with “Scrambled” peptide (4mg/ml or 8mg/ml). “Scrambled” refers to the identical amino acids such as Zep-3 but in altered sequence The anti-viral effect was induced without causing Cell Toxicity in the Control Vero Cells Zep-3 inhibits in dose dependent manner the replication of HSV1 in Vero cells

Zep-4 for Treating Psoriasis
Anecdotal data indicates that Zep-4 upon topical application is efficient for treating psoriasis in patients. Zep-4 relieves itching and redness.