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A novel non-toxic short peptide has been isolated from snake venom based on its highly potent in-vivo analgesic activity upon topical application. Based on this novel molecule, a whole family of related compounds has been identified in various snake venoms. One of the naturally occurring peptides (coded ZEP-4) and its chemically modified version (coded ZEP-3), were chemically synthesized in gram quantities. These peptides were formulated as a cream and assessed for their analgesic and anti-viral activities upon topical application on the skin.

Unique advantages

Shulov Innovative Science is an advanced clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) for topical drug products.

SIS has two NCE’s for dermatological indications that require anti-viral and analgesic therapeutic effects. ZEP-3 possess a unique combination of pharmacological activities for the treatment of these clinical areas of research. This unique combination of anti-viral activity as well as analgesic activity gives ZEP-3 an advantage over the existing treatments for Herpes Labialis (“HL”, cold sores) which are only based on anti-viral activity (Zovirax).

In addition, the Company has competitive advantages in the Atopic Dermatitis field (AD). The AD treatments available today mainly use steroid drugs which often involve the risk of side effects. The Company’s ZEP-3 is not based on steroids, thus giving the Company a clear and unique advantage over other competitors in this indication.

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