SIS has three main areas of research:

Anti-Viral Infective Disease – an advanced clinical trial (Phase II) for Herpes Labialis (HSV1) was completed successfully, and a plan to commence a Phase II clinical trial in the US is being examined. Additional Herpes indications (Genital, Ocular, Zoster) are in various stages of research.

Anti-Inflammatory Disease – the company is planning to start a Phase II clinical trial for Atopic Dermatitis in Israel.

Pain relief – both peptides (ZEP-3 and ZEP-4) exhibited analgesic activity in various indications such as Osteoarthritis (OA), Herpes Labialis and Ocular pain.

SIS completed a Phase I clinical study on healthy volunteers. This Phase I is suitable for several indications such as: Herpes Labialis, Herpes Zoster, Atopic Dermatitis and Burns.

The company has completed a Phase II clinical study in Herpes Labialis and preparing the Pre-IND meeting for Phase III clinical study in the US.

SIS plans to begin a Phase II clinical study for Atopic Dermatitis in Israel in Q2/2019.

The Company completed the Pre-clinical process for ZEP-4, which is intended for treatment of Psoriasis. 

In addition, the Company has had other indications that are intended for pre-clinical research and clinical trials such as Genital Herpes (HSV2), Ocular Herpes.

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